Axis Bank Lunch Time: There is no lunch time for employees in AXIS bank. The bank counters are always functional irrespective of what time the employees take lunch.

Axis Bank Lunch Time in Pune

There is no lunch time in branches of Axis bank in Pune.

Axis Bank Lunch Time in Hyderabad

Employees in Hyderabad branches of Axis bank go to lunch in rotations so customer service is not hindered. The counters are always open.

Axis Bank Lunch Time in Chennai

There is no lunch time in Axis Bank’s branches in Chennai. Like other branches of Axis Bank all over India, employees make sure that counter is always open for customers.

Axis Bank Lunch Time in Bangalore

Axis Bank lunch time in Bangalore is not fixed.

So you need not worry about services being stopped during lunch break.

Axis bank is a public sector bank who has it’s branches almost everywhere in India. We went to Kopargaon branch of AXIS bank with an intention to know their official lunch hours.

As you know, usually banks have a board outside or insidewhich mentions their working hours along with lunch hours.

We wandered for around 5 minutes finding the information boardbut surprisingly there was none.

Upon entering the bank, we approached an AXIS bank employeeand asked him about official lunch time of AXIS.

He slightly smiled and said there is no fix time for lunchbreak for them.

The employee explained us that there are no official lunch hours for the bank. We even don’t have a fix lunch time. All of the employees do their lunch separately whenever they get time. It is made sure that the banking services are active for all business hours.

What is the lunch time of Axis bank in my city?

Since Axis bank is a nationalized bank, most of the things are pretty same across all the branches of Axis bank. Doesn’t matter if you are in Agra, Chennai or Delhi, branches of Axis bank will not have a official lunch break.

What are working hours of Axis bank branches?

Official working hours for customers is 6 hours.

When does my bankopen?

Follow following steps to check the opening time of your AXISbank.

  1. Go to
  2. Search the following term: AXIS bank “your branch name” timings
  3. You will find the opening time in Google’s snippet.