Central Bank of India Lunch Time: The lunch time for Central Bank of India is 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Photo of display board outside Central Bank of India displaying work time and lunch time
Image displaying lunch time of Central Bank

Central Bank of India is a Public-sector bank who has working business time of 6 hours.

We visited the branches of this bank in their business hours and the notice board itself mentioned that there is an official lunch break during which the bank employees will go for lunch during business hours.

After 2:30 p.m., banking services are resumed and provided till 4:00 p.m. for customers. Both the branches that we visited had same information board at the entry, which concludes that all of the branches will have same lunch time.

Below is a snap of board mentioning lunch time of Central Bank of India.

Of course, customer services are halted during their lunch time.

Regardless of having an official lunch time, customers of Central Bank of India didn’t seem to have problem with the lunch time as the lunch time was fixed and displayed at the entry of the bank. Due to this, customers knew when the bank will be closed for lunch and when the services will resume.

How to find nearestbranch of Central Bank of India?

 To find the nearestbranch of Central Bank of India, you can go their official site and find thenearest location.

We will give you the process to find the nearest branch indetail below.

  1. Go to the branch locator of Central Bank of India. Please note that in order to get accurate information, it is important that you go to their official site.  
Screenshot: Central Bank of India’s Branch Locator
  • Select your state.
Screenshot: Central Bank of India’s Branch Locator
  • Once you select your state, the tool willrefresh and you’ll have a list of cities in the selected state in the dropdown.Now, select your city.

Screenshot: Central Bank of India’s Branch Locator
  • Leave the branch name and IFSC code empty, and select the zone. The zone may vary, but it’ll be mostly named after your nearest city. Select the zone, solve the capcha and hit show details.
    For instance I selected Pune zone.
Screenshot: Central Bank of India’s Branch Locator

When you click on the “show details” button, the tool will show you all the branches available in your area. Simply go through the address of each branch and you’ll know which branch is closest to your location.

If you want to have a map based search, you can click on this option and you’ll be redirected to the map based search tool. Follow the same method mentioned above there and you’ll get the branches on map!

Do you want to go tobranch to withdraw money?

It’s ancient method to go to your branch to withdraw money. Trust me, the last I went to my branch for some work was 2 years ago. Y

ou don’t need to go to branch unless you have to withdraw a very huge amount of money.

Instead you can find the nearest ATM and withdraw the money and avoid going to the branch.

What should I do if Iam asked to wait until the lunch time of the employees is over?

Honestly, I think you have no other option that to wait for them to finish their lunch. Usually the location of banks is in areas where it is accessible.

You can go to any restaurant of chai tapri and have some tea or snacks. Maybe you can attain any important phone call in this time.

If you are in the bank to do some business related work, you might want to check in if you have brought all the documents, if you need more of them, etc.

Does the bank providecustomers lunch or breakfast or tea during their lunch time?

No, the bank does not provide you lunch or breakfast or tea during their lunch time.

Its employees lunch time, if you want to have lunch or snacks or tea, you might want to head out of the branch and I’m sure you’ll find a good hotel or restaurant for the same.

What is best betweenoffline banking services and online banking services of Central Bank of India?

For banking services like transfer of money, taking bankstatement, paying taxes, etc., online services are best as you can do it fromyour home or office without having to wait in a line at some counter.

For some banking services like filling the passbook, changing the address of your account, reporting some transaction, etc., it is best if you go the branch personally.