Note: Lunch time of your branch of HDFC Bank may vary according to a number of reasons. The timings mentioned here were verified from a couple of branches of HDFC Bank. We do not guarantee if they are the same in your branch of HDFC Bank. We are in no way affiliated with HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank is owned by the Government of India. 

HDFC Bank is a private sector bank with its headquarters at Mumbai.

HDFC bank is 25 years old and is the largest private sector bank in India.

Lunch Time of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank has no lunch time in the afternoon. All branches of HDFC bank have no lunch time. Employees go to lunch in rotations so customer service is not disturbed. You get service during all business hours of HDFC bank. 

However, lunch time may vary according to region and convenience under supervision of the branch manager of the respective HDFC branch.

Working hours of HDFC Bank

Business hours of HDFC Bank are 6 hours. Bank opens for customers at 9:30 A.M. and closes at 3:30 P.M.