Maharashtra Gramin Bank Lunch Time: The lunch time of Maharashtra Gramin Bank is 2:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Maharashtra Gramin Bank Lunch Time

Are you looking for lunch time of Maharashtra Gramin Bank? You want accurate information of their Lunch recess?

We visited one of the branches of Maharashtra Gramin Bank withan intention to know their lunch hours so we save ourselves some time by not “disturbingthem” in their lunch time.

We entered the bank with full enthusiasm and found the board(which every bank has) that mentioned their working hours and holidays and whatnot. But most importantly, we didn’t find an exact wording giving usinformation about their lunch hours.

But I do want to mention, I like the infrastructure of thebank though.

Oh, sorry. Let’s get to the point and reveal their lunchhours, shall we?

We went to the counter and had to wait 10 minutes in line.And finally there we go; it’s our chance for the inquiry.

And I asked, “What is the official lunch time of MaharashtraGramin Bank?”

I got a complex look from the counter asking why you need it.And I was like, “I’m doing a survey!”

The employee then informed us that the lunch time ofMaharashtra Gramin Bank starts at 2:30 p.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.

Yep, they do have lunch time unlike other banks whoseemployees go to lunch in batches or in rotation.

Oh, yes, I forgot to attach the photo of the board that Iwas talking about.

Here you go:

Does the lunch timedepend on what time the bank opens?

No. All branches of Maharashtra Gramin Bank open and closeat the same time. So you’ll see the same trend in all branches of the bank.

Will I get serviceduring their lunch hours?

While Maharashtra Gramin Bank do have a lunch time, it wasnot made clear weather all services will be provided during their recess. But I’msure, atleast the cash counter will be open for customers.

Where do I findnearest Maharashtra Gramin Bank?

You can find the nearest bank as easily as you found thisarticle. Just search on Google “Maharashtra Gramin Bank near me” and Googlewill show you the nearest bank if there is any.

How to get the phonenumber of Maharashtra Gramin Bank?

If you are a customer of the bank, you can find the phonenumber on the passbook provided by the bank. Alternatively, you can also searchon Google for the query and you’ll get the phone number in the knowledge panel.

If you ever get stuck in the lunch hours of MaharashtraGramin Bank, it’s better to calm yourself and have a cup of tea!!! Time willpass and the counter will be open again, just in 30 minutes.

Let us know your experience regarding lunch time of MGB in the comment’s below.